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“Ici Dépot”, but only when is the store open?

“We’d stopped to look inside before
The windows of the other stores
But at this one here we stayed awhile
We stood to stare, and wish, and smile.”

(W. McGehee in Window shopping)
Colfontaine (B)

The house where van Gogh once lived is now pink


Sharp as a knife
Dark as the night
The conundrum of genius”

(D. Gunawardada in Haiku Van Gogh)
Colfontaine (B)

Our little shopping district

"We had a nice little shopping district,
but the anger boiled over in the ‘60s.
Some young fools and Panthers tore up MacDonald,
the flames gutting doorways and dreams.
But no Phoenix arose here; we just sank deeper into the mud."

(M. Abel in Lonnie (Richmond))
Honnelles (B)

Snack Sainte Odile

“Rhythms touching and emanating visions of life that 
used to bring happiness into being.

Now no more does it happen, as I walk down darkened
and abandoned highways leaving me stranded on a corner
of emptiness.”

(RoseAnn Shawiak in Stranded on a corner)
Elouges (B)

Smoking is allowed here

"The smoker smokes, through smoke
He indulges smoky speculations.

Which keeps his thinking among the smoke;
The smoker smokes, through smoke

For smoking pleases him greatly,
Insofar as it is his intention.

The smoker smokes, through smoke
He indulges smoky speculations."

(D. Wyatt in The smoker smokes)
Herstal (B)