A spring full of snow

“The blossom-snow begins to blow
About the orchard close.
The fields forget the violet,
But soon shall bloom the rose, my Dear,
Ah! soon shall bloom the rose.”

(R. Marriott Watson in Prelude)
Orp-Jauche (B)

Brocante or anything you don’t need

“Little things that no one needs —
Little things to joke about —
Little landscapes, done in beads.
Little morals, woven out,
Little wreaths of gilded grass,
Little brigs of whittled oak
Bottled painfully in glass;
These are made by lonely folk.

Lonely folk have lines of days
Long and faltering and thin;
Therefore — little wax bouquets,
Prayers cut upon a pin,
Little maps of pinkish lands,
Little charts of curly seas,
Little plats of linen strands,
Little verses, such as these.”

(Dorothy Parker in Bric-A-Brac)
Orp-Jauche (B)

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