“To wander through this living world
And leave uncut the roses
Is to remember fragrances where
The flower no scent encloses.”

(J.M. Langston Hughes in Remembrance)
Amay-Ombret (B)

Where the waiting takes its time

“I shall meet you in the morning,
When at last shall rise the sun;
And the waiting and the longing,
And the wearying are done.
Though the way be through the shadow,
And the eventide be long,
I shall meet you in the morning
In the land of light and song.”

(E.M. Chesham in I shall meet you)
Ampsin (B)

Staying in a tent can be very relaxing

“And much I marvel now how men
Can waste their fleeting days in greed;
That one man should desire more gold
Than twenty men should truly need;
For is not this green tent more sweet
Than any chamber of the great?”

(H.W. Davies in The green tent)
Durby (B)

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