No one to turn the wheel

“And the wheels keep turning, all the time,
No mechanical churning, not a sound,
Just a feeling of stirring, hold them down, hold them down, hold them down.”

(Tony Banks in And the Wheel Keeps Turning)
Limbourg (B)

The Crying House

“I am a house, says Senlin, locked and darkened,
Sealed from the sun with wall and door and blind.
Summon me loudly, and you’ll hear slow footsteps
Ring far and faint in the galleries of my mind.”

(C. Aiken in Senlin: A Biography)
Welkenraedt (B)

A meeting of the seating

“It stands, safe sheltered from sun and breeze,
That wayside seat ‘neath the drooping trees,
With a welcome true for all who pass,
From the travelling priest to the village lass.
The old wife resting from steps of pain,
Or pedlar counting his modest gain.
“Stay, stay,” it seems to say,
“Rest and peace to borrow;
Here awhile
Pause and smile,
Though you tire to-morrow!””

(E. Walton in The wayside seat)
Seraing (B)

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