The lamp in the empty room

“I looked back suddenly
into the empty room
and saw the lamp that I had lit
still shining on the little table by the window
and throwing its light on the tumbled sheets of paper
on which I had been writing.

And I felt as though long years ago a man,
whom I had know very little,
had lighted that lamp,
and sat by the window writing and believing that he was a poet,
and then he came out of the room and found the letter.

He would not go into the room again:
And not he, but I will go in softly
And put out the lamp,
And lay aside the useless paper.”

(Humberte Wolfe in The lamp in the empty room)
Seraing (B)

The secrets of a drawer

The secrets of a drawer

"Drei Wandrer sind gegangen,
Und als der Abend fiel,
Da trugen sie Verlangen
Nach frohem Kartenspiel.
Der Jüngste sprach: "Ich bitte,
Sagt an, geht es um Geld?"
Und Antwort gab der Dritte:
"Wir spielen um die Welt!""

(K. Busse in Drei Wandrer)
Flemalle (B)

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