In the middle of daydreaming

“Every day your memory grows dimmer

It doesn’t haunt me like it did before
I’ve been walking through the middle of nowhere
Trying to get to heaven before they close the door”

(Bob Dylan in Tryin’ to get to heaven)

Orp-Jauche (B)

3 gates for 1 thief

“An inconstant lover is worse than a thief;
For a thief will but rob you and take all you have,
But an inconstant lover will bring you to the grave.”

( G.S.K. Butterworth in The cuckoo)
Dison (B)

Staying in a tent can be very relaxing

“And much I marvel now how men
Can waste their fleeting days in greed;
That one man should desire more gold
Than twenty men should truly need;
For is not this green tent more sweet
Than any chamber of the great?”

(H.W. Davies in The green tent)
Durby (B)

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