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Straight on! Right into my garage.

Liège-Tilleur (B)

Fill your car with petrol and colors

"But with the passing years, the alien colours
Fall off like threadbare scales;
The creation of the genius emerges 
before us in its former beauty."

(A.S. Pushkin in Rebirth)
Dison (B)

Le Glacier de Namur

Le Glacier de Namur

 "Ice Cream Treat. -- One hot day toward the middle of June, I gave
the inmates of Carver hospital a general ice cream treat, purchasing a
large quantity, and, under convoy of the doctor or head nurse, going
around personally through the wards to see to its distribution."

(W. Whitman in Hospital scenes - Incidents)
Namur (B)

The painted garden

The painted garden

"Beauty is but a painted hell :
        Aye me, aye me,
Shee wounds them that admire it,
Shee kils them that desire it.
        Giue her pride but fuell,
        No fire is more cruell."

(Th. Campion in Beauty is but a painted hell)
Liège-Bressoux (B)

Broken garages

Broken garages
“I’m movin’ after midnight
Down boulevards of broken cars

Don’t know what to do without it
Without this love that we call ours
Beyond here lies nothin’
Nothin’ but the moon and stars.”

(Bob Dylan in Beyond here lies nothin’)
Liège-Bressoux (B)

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