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Avis Urbanisme

Liège (B)

Ici, crédit pour tous!

“Die grösste Kunst ist Geld zu machen,

aufs Geld kommt endlich alles an.
Wer dieses Handwerk nicht verstehet,
und mit der Weisheit betteln gehet,
der ist wahrhaftig schlimm daran.”

(G. Ph. Telemann in the song Geld)
Awans (B)

Dr. Oetker in Liège

“They may call you Doctor or they may call you Chief
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You’re gonna have to serve somebody …”

(Bob Dylan in Gotta serve somebody)
Liège-Vottem (B)

The no-pee pole

"Forbidden fruit a flavor has
   That lawful orchards mocks;
How luscious lies the pea within
   The pod that Duty locks!"

(E. Dickinson, no title)
Charleroi-Jumet (B)

See me!

See me!

"If thou wert blind,
I would give my sight,
Lest thy darkness should set me far from thee."

(C. Sutcliffe in If thou wert blind)
Heusden-Zolder (B)
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