Black cat white snow

“Chat, chat, chat,
Chat noir, chat blanc, chat gris,
Charmant chat couché,
Chat, chat, chat
N’entends-tu pas les souris
Danser à trois les entrechats
Sur le plancher?”

(A.J.L. Leclère in Chanson du chat qui dort)
Liège (B)

The birds that will never sing

“It is only a tiny garden,
Where the sweetest roses grow,
Where the birds are always singing
From dawn till evening’s glow.
With its wealth of wondrous flowers,
And its sunshine everywhere,
It is only a tiny garden,
But my heart is always there.”

(L. Glanville in It is only a tiny garden)
Liège (B)

Watch out for the teeth of this pony

Watch out for the teeth of this pony

“I had a little pony,
His name was Dapple Grey:
I lent him to a lady
To ride a mile away,
She whipped him, she lashed him,
She rode him through the mire;
I’ll never lend my nag again
For any lady’s hire.”

(Anonymous in Nurse Lovechild’s Legacy)
Liège (B)

A 3-course meal served for birds

“All islands to which birds wing their way, I wing my way myself.
Toward all,
I raise high the perpendicular hand—I make the signal,
To remain after me in sight forever,
For all the haunts and homes of men.”

(W. Whitman in Salut au Monde!)
Liège (B)

Dropped into the quarry after all the adventures

"Erzähle mir doch etwas von den fremden Ländern, 
die du alle gesehen hast," sagte der Fuchs 
zu dem weit gereisten Storche.
Hierauf fing der Storch an, ihm jede Lache 
und jede feuchte Wiese zu nennen, 
wo er die schmackhaftesten Würmer 
und die fettesten Frösche geschmaust.
"Sie sind lange in Paris gewesen, mein Herr. 
Wo speiset man da am besten? 
Was für Weine haben Sie da am meisten 
nach Ihrem Geschmacke gefunden?"

(G.E. Lessing in Der Fuchs und der Storch)
Amay-Ampsin (B)

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