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“How to build that ship?” End of the story!

“I saw a ship a-sinking, a-sinking, a-sinking,

With glittering sea-water splashing on her decks,
With seamen in her spirit-room singing songs and drinking,
Pulling claret bottles down, and knocking off the necks,
The broken glass was chinking as she sank among the wrecks.”

(J. Masefield in I saw a ship)
Angleur (B)


“Nun wachen wir mit den Erinnerungen

und halten das Gesicht an das, was war;
flüsternde Süße, die uns einst durchdrungen,
sitzt schweigend neben mit gelöstem Haar”

(R.M. Rilke in Nun wachen wir in …)

Wormerveer (NL)

Spiders on the quay

Brussel (B)

The swimming dog chair

"Days of joy, how have ye fled?
Joy immortal, are ye dead?
Is there nothing that can hold you?
Can my limp arms not enfold you?
Days of floating on the stream,
Softly lapped as in a dream,
With the white clouds swimming slowly
In an ether pure and holy!"

(A. Schaffer in A summer vacation)
Wandre (B)

Greetings from Charleroi

At the Sambre in Charleroi (B)

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