3 gates for 1 thief

“An inconstant lover is worse than a thief;
For a thief will but rob you and take all you have,
But an inconstant lover will bring you to the grave.”

( G.S.K. Butterworth in The cuckoo)
Dison (B)

The two of us together

“O enter with me the gates of delight,
The gates of the garden of man’s desire,
Where spirits, touched by heav’nly fire,
Have planted the trees of life.”

(R.S. Bridges in Invocation to Music)
Liège-Flémalle (B)

The gate to the graves

“We do not play on graves
because there isn’t room.
Besides it isn’t even.
It slants and people come
and put a flower on it
and hang their faces so.
We’re fearing that their hearts
will drop and crush our pretty play.
And so we move as far as enemies away,
just looking round to see
how far it is occasionally.”

(E. Dickinson no title)
Flémalle (B)

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