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The 3 on the roof with view into the distance

“Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl”

(Bob Dylan in All along the watchtower)
Malmedy (B)

A long time ago I drank Jupiler here

“If you read a poem

After drinking three bottles of beer
And can’t understand a word,
Well whose fault is that?”

(A. Thorne in After Three Bottles Of Beer)
Genk (B)

Shut down!

“You took the silver, you took the gold
You left me standing out in the cold …”

(Bob Dylan in Million Miles)
Liège-Bressoux (B)

The silent chimney from a blast furnace

“Wie ein vulkanischer Berg lag er im Weiten. Manchmal

flammend. Manchmal im Rauch. Traurig und göttlich.
Nur eine nahe vielleicht, ihm anliegende Ortschaft

(R.M. Rilke in Fünf Gesänge)
Ougrée (B)

Memories of the industry standing in the snow

Liège (B)

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