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I’m showing you my white side

“God of the good side

Brought me some good luck today
In the weather
And in my life also”

(A. Kraas in God of the good side)
Seraing (B)



And all gates and walls are closed
because business has been shut down

Seraing (B)

De l’amusement sans fin

“Wer ist beglückter als du?

Nichts als Vergnügen und Ruh!
Spielwerk und Zucker vollauf, und noch Karossen im Lauf,
alles besorgt und bereit,
daß nur mein Prinzchen nicht schreit.
Was wird da künftig erst sein?
Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf ein.”

(F.W. Gotter in Wiegenlied)
Liège (B)

I left my bike in an autumn scene

“Red leaf, gold leaf,
Flutter down the wind:
Life is brief, oh! life is brief,
But Mother Earth is kind;
From her dear bosom ye shall spring
To new blossoming.”

(E.M. Hutchinson in Autumn song)
Duisburg (D)


Broken industries

Broken industries

“Broken bottles, broken plates
Broken switches, broken gates
Broken dishes, broken parts
Streets are filled with broken hearts
Broken words never meant to be spoken
Everything is broken.”

(Bob Dylan in Everything is broken)
Ougrée (B)

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