“Ich träumte von bunten Blumen,
So wie sie wohl blühen im Mai,
Ich träumte von grünen Wiesen,
Von lustigem Vogelgeschrei.

Und als die Hähne krähten,
Da ward mein Auge wach;
Da war es kalt und finster,
Es schrieen die Raben vom Dach.”

(Wilhelm Müller in Frühlingstraum)
Limbourg (B)

A meeting of the seating

“It stands, safe sheltered from sun and breeze,
That wayside seat ‘neath the drooping trees,
With a welcome true for all who pass,
From the travelling priest to the village lass.
The old wife resting from steps of pain,
Or pedlar counting his modest gain.
“Stay, stay,” it seems to say,
“Rest and peace to borrow;
Here awhile
Pause and smile,
Though you tire to-morrow!””

(E. Walton in The wayside seat)
Seraing (B)

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