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Contrasting greetings from Floreffe

Floreffe (B)

A happy meal

“Als Mahl beganns. Und ist ein Fest geworden, kaum weiß man wie.
Die hohen Flammen flackten, die Stimmen schwirrten, wirre Lieder klirrten aus Glas und Glanz,
und endlich aus den reifgewordnen Takten: entsprang der Tanz.”

(R.M. Rilke in Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke)
Grâce-Hollogne (B)

Too much letters for a small door

"I wished to post a letter,
But although I paid much,
Still the letter was overweight.
“What is in this package?” said the clerk,
“It is very heavy.”
“Yes,” I said,
“And yet it is only a dried fruit.”"

(A. Lowell, no title in Dreams in war time no. 6)
Liège (B)

Permanent wave

Ivoz-Ramet (B)

The turquoise shutters are still closed

"And the light crept up between the shutters
And you heard the sparrows in the gutters,
You had such a vision of the street
As the street hardly understands ..."

(T.S. Eliot no title from Preludes no. 3)
Charleroi-Jumet (B)

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