RTBF: Black and white television

“Oh, set me down on a television floor
I’ll flip the channel to number four
Out of the shower comes a grown-up man
With a bottle of hair oil in his hand
(It’s that greasy kid stuff
What I want to know, Mr. Football Man, is
What do you do about Willy Mays and Yul Brynner
Charles de Gaulle
And Robert Louis Stevenson?)”

(Bob Dylan in I shall be free)
Liège (B)

Who travels with the undressed caravan?

“He had no friend or relative
He was a lonely man;
But he held a love within his heart,
The love of his caravan…
He could move through pastures fair
Enjoy the freshness of summer air,
Travelling until light grew dim.
He had no friend or relative
But the countryside belonged to him.”

(J. Hemsley in Lonely caravan)
Liège (B)

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