Rheinbraun in Gelb

“Went to the station,
Down in the yard,
Gonna get me a freight train,
Work’s done got hard.
Now she’s gone.
An’ I don’t worry.
Lord, I’m sittin’ on top of the world.”

(Bob Dylan in Sittin’ on Top of the World)
Plombières-Hombourg (B)

The bottles are not for drinking

“The delights of the bottle and the charms of good wine,
To the power and pleasures of love must resign:
Though the night in the joys of good drinking be past,
The debauches but till the next morning will last.
But love’s great debauch is more lasting and strong;
For that often lasts a man all his life long.”

(M. Locke in the song Delights of the bottle)
Genk (B)

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