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There seems to be something wrong


There seems to be something wrong
“Wait a minute, something’s wrong, baby.

The key wont unlock the door.
I got a bad, bad feeling that my baby don’t live here no more.”

(Jimi Hendrix in Red house)
Balen (B)

How to take that bend?

How to take that bend?
“Ain’t talkin’, just walkin’

Up the road around the bend
Heart burnin’, still yearnin’
In the last outback, at the world’s end.”

(Bob Dylan in Ain’t talkin’)
Balen (B)

Greetings from Droixhe

Greetings from Droixhe
Liège-Droixhe (B)

The end of the track

“As you yourself can see
I’m listenin’ to the steel rails hum
Got both eyes tight shut
Just sitting here trying to keep the hunger from
Creeping it’s way into my gut …” 

(Bob Dylan in Workingman’s Blues #2)
Liège-Droixhe (B)

Lonely at the track

“Well, the only thing that makes me laugh again
Is a southbound whistle on a southbound train
Every place I wanna go I never can go
Because you know I got the freight train blues
Oh Lord mama, I got them in the bottom of my rambling shoes.”

(Bob Dylan in Freight Train Blues)
Liège-Jupille (B)