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Mailboxes longing for messages

“Writing letter
A forgotten art
Only used for
Business act.

Letters written
Recorded memories
Always remained
For generations.

Will those days
Ever come back? 
Will the mailbox
Smile again?”

(T. Chandrupatla in Mailbox today)
Liège (B)

Waiting for your letters on different numbers

“I got a letter on a lonesome day
It was from her ship a-sailin’
Saying I don’t know when I’ll be comin’ back again
It depends on how I’m a-feelin’”

(Bob Dylan in Boots of Spanish leather)
Liège (B)

Box 182

Box 182

“A Letter is a joy of Earth —
It is denied the Gods –“

(E. Dickinson in A letter)
Liège-Bressoux (B)

A desperate letterbox

A desperate letterbox

“Going to him! Happy letter! Tell him —
Tell him the page I didn’t write;
Tell him I only said the syntax,
And left the verb and the pronoun out.”

(E. Dickinson in The letter)
Herstal (B)

Red wall for #92

Red wall for #92

"Ihr lieben Mauern hold und traut,
Die ihr mich kühl umschließt,
Und silberglänzend niederschaut,
Wenn droben Vollmond ist!"

(J.G. Seidl in Am Fenster)
Grâce-Hollogne (B)
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