The contrast

The contrast

“In London I never knew what I’d be at,
Enraptured with this, and enchanted by that,
I’m wild with the sweets of variety’s plan,
And life seems a blessing too happy for man.”

(Ch. Morris in The contrast)
Liège (B)

Memories are growing into my room

Memories are growing into my roomImage réalisée avec l’autorisation de la SPI n°… 2015/07/01 – Site en réaffectation, Val Benoit, Liège –

"Dead leaves blew into my room,
And alighted upon my bed,
And a tree declared to the gloom
Its sorrow that they were shed.

One leaf of them touched my hand,
And I thought that it was you
There stood as you used to stand
And saying at last you knew."

(Th. Hardy in I marked when the weather changed)
Liège (B)
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