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I very much desire the mail

Die Post bringt keinen Brief für dich:
Was drängst du denn so wunderlich,
Mein Herz?

Nun ja, die Post kömmt aus der Stadt,
Wo ich ein liebes Liebchen hatt',
Mein Herz!

(W. Müller in Die Post)
Liège-Sclessin (B)

Too much letters for a small door

"I wished to post a letter,
But although I paid much,
Still the letter was overweight.
“What is in this package?” said the clerk,
“It is very heavy.”
“Yes,” I said,
“And yet it is only a dried fruit.”"

(A. Lowell, no title in Dreams in war time no. 6)
Liège (B)

Dr. Oetker in Liège

“They may call you Doctor or they may call you Chief
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You’re gonna have to serve somebody …”

(Bob Dylan in Gotta serve somebody)
Liège-Vottem (B)

Sneaking in the back door

Sneaking in the back door

“It starts off slow with a kiss of folly
And you don’t see it as more
But after awhile when all the dogs see you
Sneaking in the back door…
You don’t believe when they tell you
You don’t believe
Then a world of trouble is all you see …”

(Jesse Harris in World of Trouble)
Herstal (B)

Take a letter, Maria

Take a letter, Maria

“So take a letter Maria… address it to my wife
Say I won’t be coming home… gotta start a new life
Take a letter Maria… address it to my wife
Send a copy to my lawyer, gotta have a new life.”

(R.B. Greaves in Take a letter, Maria)
Liège (B)

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