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Under pressure of the bridge

“Join me on the bridge to nowhere
Leave your worries far behind
Follow me and we will go there
We’ll end up with peace of mind”

(J.N. Perinacci in The bridge to nowhere)
Duisburg (D)

The end of mining …

“Hinab, ihr Brüder! in den Schacht!
Hinab mit frohem Mut!
Es ist ein Gott, der für uns wacht,
Ein Vater groß und gut!”

(G.F. Stäudlin in Bergknappenlied)
Roux (B)

Greetings from Charleroi

At the Sambre in Charleroi (B)

Clung to the bridge

Clung to the bridge

“Walkin’ on the footbridge high above the clouds
Listenin’ to your yesterday, didn’t make a sound
And dazzled by your sweet lips and touchin’ on me
Here comes trouble, can’t you see?”

(The cars in Go away)
Flemalle (B)

Broken industries

Broken industries

“Broken bottles, broken plates
Broken switches, broken gates
Broken dishes, broken parts
Streets are filled with broken hearts
Broken words never meant to be spoken
Everything is broken.”

(Bob Dylan in Everything is broken)
Ougrée (B)

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