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It’s too cold to hold you almost naked

“You think she’s yours, to have and to hold
Someday you’ll learn, when her love grows cold
But I forgot more than you’ll ever know about her.”

(Bob Dylan in I forgot more than you’ll ever know about her)
Awans (B)


No more workers will be changing clothes here

No more workers changing clothes ...

“My father lies black and hushed
Beneath white hospital sheets
He collapsed at work
His iron left him
Slow and quiet he sank.”

(R.W. Thomas in The worker)
Liège-Chênée (B)


Empty line dancers

Empty line dancers

“After a while we took in the clothes
Nobody said very much
Just some old wild shirts and a couple pairs of pants
Which nobody really wanted to touch ….”

(Bob Dylan in Clothes Line Saga)
Grand-Rechain (B)

Line dancing

Line dancing

“As the Wind, and as the Wind,
In a corner of the way,
Goes stepping, stands twirling,
Invisibly, comes whirling,
Bows before, and skips behind,
In a grave, an endless play —

So my Heart, and so my Heart,
Following where your feet have gone,
Stirs dust of old dreams there;
He turns a toe; he gleams there,
Treading you a dance apart.
But you see not. You pass on.” 

(R. Brooke in The Dance)
Grand-Rechain (B)

Clotheslines in the wind

Clothes in the wind

“Far away where the soft winds blow
Far away from it all
There is a place you go
Where teardrops fall.”

(Bob Dylan in Where teardrops fall)
Liège-Grivegnée (B)