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Wild Light

wild light

“When the lamp is shattered
The light in the dust lies dead–
When the cloud is scattered
The rainbow’s glory is shed.
When the lute is broken,
Sweet tones are remembered not …”

(P.B. Shelly in When the lamp …)
Wormer (NL)

The lamp is low

The lamp is low

“Dream beside me in the midnight glow
The lamp is low
Dream and watch the shadows come and go
The lamp is low
While you linger in my arms …”

(T. Dorsey in The lamp is low)
Liège (B)

Where has the pedestrian gone?

“But as some folks ain’t got no road at all
They gotta stand in the same old place
Hey, hey, so I guess I’m doin’ fine”

(Bob Dylan in Guess’ I’m doing fine)
Herstal (B)

Forms of living

Liège-Jupille (B)

Essence & Mazout

“And where do you look for this hope that yer seekin’
Where do you look for this lamp that’s a-burnin’
Where do you look for this oil well gushin'”

(Bob Dylan in Last thoughts on Woody Guthry)
Herstal (B)