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Even the door to the toilet is open

"Fair the day shine as it shone on my childhood -
Fair shine the day on the house with open door;
Birds come and cry there and twitter in the chimney -
But I go for ever and come again no more."

(R.L. Stevenson in Songs of travel and other verses no. 16)
Liège (B)

Das Zwiegespräch

“I wus lookin’ high an’ low for them Reds everywhere
I wus lookin’ in the sink an’ underneath the chair
I looked way up my chimney hole
I even looked deep down inside my toilet bowl
They got away . . .”

(Bob Dylan in Talkin’ John Birch paranoid blues)
Dilsen-Stokkem (B)

All I gotta to do is going to the lo

“Seven days, seven more days she’ll be comin’
I’ll be waiting at the station for her to arrive
Seven more days, all I gotta do is survive.”

(Bob Dylan in Seven days)
Clabecq (B)

“14-18” “40-45” “2011”

"14-18" "40-45" "2011"

“We can beat them, for ever and ever
Oh we can be Heroes,
just for one day.”

(D. Bowie in Heroes)
Liège (B)

Where some waters flow

Keep on the sunny side

"Walle! walle
Manche Strecke,
Daß, zum Zwecke,
Wasser fließe,
Und mit reichem vollem Schwalle
Zu dem Bade sich ergieße."

(J.W. von Goethe in Der Zauberlehrling)
Amay (B)
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