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Waiting for 2013

Waiting for 2013

“The end of the year fell chilly
Between a moon and a moon;
Thorough the twilight shrilly
The bells rang, ringing no tune.

The windows stained with story,
The walls with miracle scored,
Were full of weeping and laughter
And song and saying good-bye.”

(A.E. Housman in New Year’s Eve)
Eindhoven (NL)

No more work, no more busses

Jemeppe sur Meuse (B)

Bus stop

"The trail is dusty
And my road it might be rough
But the better roads are waiting
And boys it ain’t far off."

(Bob Dylan in Paths of Victory)
Liège-Angleur (B)

So here I am …

“So here I am sitting at the bus stop
Wishing I was somewhere else
Where I didn`t have to work my rocks off
Wishing I could please myself.”

Ougrée (B)


“And there’s no exit in any direction
’Cept the one that you can’t see with your eyes”

(Bob Dylan in Series of Dreams)
Sclessin (B)