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Cooling down the coke

"Im Wasser ist Kühlung, im Wasser ist's kalt,
Das Wasser löscht brennende Herzen wohl bald,
Tief unten im Wasser, da ist es wohl gut,
So komm' denn mein Liebchen mit mir in die Fluth."

(L. Feldman in Die Flamme)
Liège (B)

No bell’s in this tower

"When the bells justle in the tower
  The hollow night amid,
Then on my tongue the taste is sour
  Of all I ever did."

(A.E. Housman from Additional Poems, no. 9)
Anderlues (B)

“Beyond Here Lies Nothin'”

"Beyond Here Lies Nothin'"

“Down every street there’s a window
And every window made of glass
We’ll keep on lovin’ pretty baby
For as long as love will last
Beyond here lies nothin’
But the mountains of the past.”

(Bob Dylan in Beyond Here Lies Nothin’)
Liège-Tilleur (B)