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Our thrones decay

“Still flows the ancient fount sublime; —
But, ah, for my heart, shed tears, shed tears;
Not it, but love, has scorn of time,
It turns to dust beneath the years.”

(G.W. Russell from Homeward: Songs by the Way)
Heusden-Zolder (B)

But this wheel is dying

“It’s bright in the heavens and the wheels are flying

Fame and honor never seem to fade
The fire’s gone out but the light is never dying
Who says I can’t get heavenly aid?”

(Bob Dylan in Ain’t talkin’)
Heusden-Zolder (B)

Mechanical glance

Mechanical glance

"Schaust du mich aus deinen Augen
Lächelnd, wie aus Himmeln an,
Fühl ich wohl, daß keine Lippe
Solche Sprache führen kann."

(J. K. B. von Eichendorff in Der Blick)
Heusden-Zolder (B)

Something to lean on

Something to lean on

“‘Come, lean on me, ye that are weary!
Rise, ye faint-hearted and doubting!
Haste, ye that lag by the way!
I am Pride, the consoler;
Valour and Hope are my henchmen;
I am the Angel of Rest.”

(W.E. Henly from The book of verses)
Heusden-Zolder (B)

The wild wheel has been tamed

The wild wheel has been tamed

“‘Turn, Fortune, turn thy wheel and lower the proud;
Turn thy wild wheel through sunshine, storm, and cloud;
Thy wheel and thee we neither love nor hate.”

(A. Tennyson from Enid and Nimuë: The True and the False)
Heusden-Zolder (B)

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